Ramaphosa accepts apology after being killed by Peter Ndoro

The seasoned news anchor will be back on our screens again on Monday after taking a bit of time to recharge his batteries.

SABC news anchor Peter Ndoro says he is humbled by the outpouring of support and encouragement he received from members of the public, journalists and politicians after he mistakenly declared on national television earlier this month that President Cyril Ramaphosa had died in Zimbabwe.

He was meant to have referred to the late Morgan Tsvangirai.

Taking to Twitter on Friday morning, Ndoro thanked Ramaphosa for “graciously” accepting his apology. He said he would return to work on Monday.

“O”level results out

November 2017 Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) Ordinary Level results were released yesterday and will be ready for collection on Monday, with the examinations board indicating that English Language Paper 1 had better quality results compared to the November 2016 paper.

Zimsec said the pass rate had gone up by five percent. The increase is despite the nullification of English Language Paper 2 examination results by the High Court after it leaked.

Officially announcing the release of the results yesterday, Zimsec board chairman Professor Eddie Mwenje said: “English Language was graded on one paper as ruled by the High Court. The quality of work on the paper showed that the candidates who wrote the paper were of a better quality than those for 2016.”

Prof Mwenje said there was a slight decrease in the pass rate for last year compared to the year 2016.

“In the analysis, candidates are described in two parts, one being ‘school candidates’, the second being the ‘private candidates’. Private candidates are non-formal students who entered for this examination.

“The total number of candidates who sat for the November 2017 O Level examination was 332 473. This is 14.25 percent higher than the November 2016 entry.

“Total candidates who wrote five or more subjects were 189 684 and 49 982 obtained Grade C or better in five or more subjects, yielding a 26.35 percent pass rate. There is a slight decrease on the performance of year 2016 which was 27.92 percent,” he said.

Of the 187 606 school candidates, 162 920 wrote five subjects or more, with 46 755 passing five or more subjects with a Grade C or better. This translates to a pass rate of 28.69 percent compared to 29.96 percent in 2016.

Gokwe Diocese opens three more missions

The Diocese of Gokwe recently opened three more missions bringing the number of missions to twenty in 27 years after the diocese’s creation in 1991. Bishop Rudolf Nyandoro commissioned St. Mary’s Nyika, Chevecheve and Mary Queen of Peace and assigned priests to take charge of the three mission stations. The missions were established as a response to

Bishop Rudolf NyandoroBishop Nyandoro.jpg

the ballooning number of Christians in the diocese and to reduce the distance traveled by priests and the laity to the nearest center of worship. St. Mary’s Nyika was created from Sengwa Mission, while St. Mary’s Queen of Peace based at the diocesan Shrine was created from Gwave Mai voRugare and Uganda Martyrs respectively and Chevecheve was born out of Tongwe Mission. The three missions are yet to be officially opened although they are already functional. Parishioners close to these new missions used to walk long distances to attend mass or to receive some spiritual and other services from their old missions. The opening of the three missions has brought some relief to the life of Christians especially the old who could not receive sacraments because of the long distance

Zuma says he will respond,not resign

President Jacob Zuma has given an undertaking to respond to a formal decision by the ANC’s national executive committee to recall him from office‚ but Zuma is expected to put up a fight.

A source close to the discussions said Zuma’s response is likely to be “controversial”‚ while another added that he will not go quietly. This was after Zuma last night dug in his heels as he rejected a plea by ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa to resign from office.

Zuma said that he would respond in public to an official decision taken by the NEC‚ which should be communicated to him through a formal process‚ sources said.

‘There is no deal. He has to go’ – NEC gives Zuma deadline to step down

The ANC’s national executive committee has decided to recall President Jacob Zuma as head of state‚ with no deal and an ultimatum.
11 hours ago

At the time of the meeting‚ there was no firm decision that Zuma should be booted out – only a majority view that he should be recalled.

One source said Ramaphosa personally pleaded with Zuma to leave office but he responded “in no uncertain terms” that he will not resign.

ANC leaders believe that his demeanour last night showed a man who is not ready to relinquish power.

Once Ramaphosa and ANC secretary general Ace Magashule returned to the NEC‚ a debate over a final decision on Zuma’s fate ensued and the decision to recall him was taken around 2am on Tuesday morning.

The meeting undertook to write to Zuma to formally communicate the outcome to him.

Magashule is due to brief the media to give a formal update on Tuesday afternoon.

Headman Mazinyo finally installed

70 years after being robbed of their title as traditional leaders by the Rhodesian regime, government has finally restored the Mazinyo traditional leadership in Gokwe’s Manoti area.

Officially installing headman Mazinyo the first in Gokwe’s St Hughes Primary School, Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in the Midlands Province Owen Ncube said traditional leadership forms an important bedrock of national governance systems.

Mr Saka Ronald Mazinyo becomes the first headman who will hold the title since the family was dispossessed of its headmanship in 1938.

There are 37 kraal heads under headman Mazinyo who in turn serve under the jurisdiction of Chief Mkoka

A melting pot of tonga, karanga and ndebele cultures, the area serves different indigenous people of Zimbabwe.