Chief Chireya charged with kidnapping after being caught in a love triangle

CHIEF Chireya of Gokwe North is embroiled in a nasty love triangle after he allegedly hired thugs to kidnap and assault his girlfriend’s lover after he caught him in a compromising position with the woman at night.

The incident occurred sometime last week when Chief Chireya allegedly went to Gokwe long distance bus terminus where he loaded his truck with rank marshals and besieged his girlfriend, Lydia Kumire’s house where he found Simon Cheresai.

Kumire is a nurse at Gokwe District Hospital.

A source told Sunday News that the chief suspected that Cheresai was having sex with his girlfriend and he waylaid him together with the rank marshals he had hired.

“When Chief Chireya got to the house at around 8pm he found Cheresai and his girlfriend seated together at the veranda and he accused him of having an affair with his girlfriend. He dragged him into the vehicle and drove away with him,” said the source.

Cheresai confirmed that he was kidnapped and assaulted by the chief, who was in the company of rank marshals.

He vehemently denied having an affair with the chief’s “on and off” girlfriend.

“I went to Kumire’s house because I wanted a charger. Coincidentally, Chief Chireya arrived and started accusing me of having an affair with his ‘wife’. He then dragged me into his vehicle before I could explain myself. He assaulted me and later took me to the police station where he told the police that he found me in a compromising position with his wife. He then told the police that he was taking me with him and he wanted to notify them that if anything happened to me he was responsible,” said Cheresai.

He added that the police saved him from further assault by the chief and his hired thugs when they refused to release him.

“Police refused to release me and I then filed a kidnapping and assault report against the chief. Chief Chireya went and reported the matter to Chief Njelele who, however, dismissed the case based on the absence of evidence, considering that he alleged that we had been seeing each other for months when in actual fact I only have a month here (in Gokwe),” explained Cheresai.

Kumire concurred with Cheresai that they were not seeing each other as alleged by the chief. She also corroborated Cheresai’s claims that on the said date and time he came to her house looking for a charger.

“I was coming from my friend’s place where we were studying at around 8pm when I saw Cheresai who stays two houses away on my way back. I asked him to accompany me to my house and he told me that he also wanted a charger. When we got there Chief Chireya arrived with a group of other men. He accused Cheresai of proposing to me and took him.

“Cheresai and I are not having an affair, we are just colleagues. He is also a nurse at the same hospital,” she said.

Efforts to get a comment from Chief Chireya were futile as his mobile phone was not reachable.

Chief Njelele declined to comment.

“Talk to the people involved,” he said.

ZBC fires more than 200-Report

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has reportedly fired more than 200 workers, journalists included in line with the Supreme Court ruling which has seen more than 20 000 workers being fired by employers in a space of one month.

The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists has announced that there national broadcaster has since joined the band wagon of firing workers willy nilly.

“Unconfirmed reports indicate that more than 200 colleagues at ZBC have received three month notice termination letters,” said ZUJ.

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Gokwe women fined for giving birth at home

TRADITIONAL leaders in Sasame, Gokwe are fining women who give birth at home in an effort to combat maternal mortality.

Chiefs are fining the women $25 while headmen are charging $5 or two goats.

Chief Nemangwe said: “Introducing a fine for home deliveries is the only way we can encourage (pregnant women) to visit health facilities. However, since the introduction of the fines, no new cases of home deliveries have been brought before our courts.”

Sasame Clinic’s Sister-in-Charge Bokang Mugwisi said the drastic measures had resulted in a sharp drop in home deliveries from 10 in 2012 to three in 2014.

She said: “The move by traditional leaders to fine pregnant women for giving birth in homes has urged women to desist from practicing unsafe birth. It has also encouraged women to seek medical attention; we applaud the move.”

Sr Mugwisi said some women were forced to give birth at home due to long distances to clinics.

“Some pregnant women have to travel more than 20km to receive medical attention and that discourages women from walking such long distances,” she explained.

“Encouraging women to give birth in health facilities has seen a reduction of the rate of children born with HIV mothers as the Option B+ comes into play.”