Gokwe musician to promises hits

clifford mutaiki_n

Clifford Mutayiki


Clifford Mutayiki from Gababe in Chief Njelele area in Gokwe South is promising to release an album early next year.His album is going to be recorded at Zorai Butter studios in December.He was born in Gokwe,attended Gababe Primary School and secondary at Mateme Secondary.His father was staying at Masoro,showgrounds unfortunately he passed away in 2008.

“I started singing when I was young at primary school in 2001.I was part of the school choir at Gababe primary school.I started to play a home made guitar when I was very young”he said

After ‘O’level in 2007 Clifford went to South Africa to seek greener pastures as economy was melting down in Zimbabwe.When he arrived in South Africa he thought of writing and composing songs but he dropped the idea when people he stayed with laughed at him for that.After 2 years he started to compose again.He started buying guitars and other musical instruments.He was lucky to get a fellow Zimbabwean who helped him to buy the expensive instruments after noticing the good work he was doing.

“I was inspired by Alick Macheso and I liked his music since I was young.I wished that I could meet him and it happened when he came to South Africa for shows.We had a long chat about music.He gave me helpful ideas to shapen my career,” Clifford said.

His album Mwari vane nyasha has 10 songs namely Mwari vanenyasha,Kukura,Kurarama,Chitima,Zimbabwe,Baba na amai,Hondo,Dzikama,Tarisai and ishe wedenga.

He said he will start to perform live shows in December back home and record his album.

“Kutaura kudai damba refu rangu ririkuno tsikiswa kuZORAI BUTTER STUDIO,munaDECEMBER. So far ndirimuJONI asi December ndirikuuya kumusha kuzotanga malive shows,”he said.

Gokwe nurse fired for faking hubby’s HIV results


A counsellor at Gokwe District Hospital was recently dismissed while a nurse at the same health institution has been suspended pending investigations after the two worked together to issue false HIV test results to the nurse’s HIV positive husband.

The man used the results to try to lure his lover, a married woman, into having unprotected sex.

The incident occurred about three weeks ago. Mrs Angela Chipere, the primal counsellor, has since been dismissed while Ms Shamiso Punzwana, is on suspension awaiting a hearing.

It is alleged that Ms Punzwana’s husband proposed to a married woman from Gokwe’s Mapfungautsi high density suburb and the two had protected sex. The lover demanded HIV test for them to have unprotected sex.

The man, who is unemployed, told his wife that he had been offered a job by a non-governmental organisation and the job was available only to those who would have tested negative to HIV.

It is alleged that the nurse approached Mrs Chipere to facilitate the fake results.

After testing “negative” the man allegedly took a photo of the results and forwarded them to his lover via WhatsApp.

A source at the hospital said all hell broke loose when the woman’s husband stumbled upon the message.

The source said the woman’s husband went to the man’s house fuming and confronted him over the matter.

It was during the argument that it was discovered that the results were fake and that the man’s wife had facilitated them so that her husband could get a job.

“The nurse later discovered that her husband wanted to have unprotected sex with another woman and had used her to get fake results so that he would prove to his lover that he was HIV negative,” said the source.

“Buno Primary School,34 years after independence,” writes Mayor Wadyajena

aa“BUNO Primary school, 34 years after independence,” writes Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena on a makeshift blackboard in what is supposed to be a classroom block at one school in his constituency.

After enduring a long journey along battered roads and dust to reach the school, about 10 kilometres from Nembudziya Business Centre, the sight was just unpleasant.


Head of the school Given Mteyiwa, who cycles eight kilometres to work, has a one-roomed office at the centre of Buno Primary School.

MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena writes on a chalkborad in on of the seven makeshift classrooms at Buno Primary School.

His 252 children bear the July wind staring at their youthful MP Wadyajena, hoping that he would take them to their desired independence.

“Dai pasina Mayor wedu, ndiani waizondiona (had it not be for our Mayor, who was going to help us),” as they sang praises for Wadyajena.

A billboard depicting Gokwe North  MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena.

Wadyajena, who is now a politician and successful young businessman hailing from the locality, seems to be sharing the pupils’ plight.

He constantly expressed his disgust at “this kind of school, 34 years after independence”.

A Grade Six pupil Weston Chiwata knows exactly what he wants and makes it clear that the pole and dagga infrastructure needs new classroom blocks, textbooks and uniforms so that his ultimate dream of becoming a medical doctor is realised.

Weston Makupe teaches a class while pupils sit on clay molded benches at Buno Primary school a sight which is common in all the four classrooms.

Wadyajena explained that this was no laughing matter and expressed that there was nothing to celebrate the emphatic July 31 election victory until the school is built.

“This is not a celebration for my election victory. We are here to build a school for the children and the future. When the right time comes, we will then celebrate,” said Wadyajena when he addressed scores of Zanu PF supporters and parents who had gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony at the school.

There is absolutely no furniture to talk about as all schoolchildren sit on benches made from mud.

Buno Primary school pupils walk past one of the classrooms at the school.

“Last year, a chalkboard fell over us and seven pupils were injured. When it’s raining, it leaks and we use a block which leaks less,” said one of the pupils.

The head said the school had only eight teachers who cycle to and from their workstation daily. He emphasiaed that they were demoralised.

“We have no staffroom, no teachers’ accommodation and the children have no textbooks. My vision for the school is to upgrade its standards,” Mteyiwa said.

Wadyajena said he was appalled by the state of affairs and wondered how previous political leaders allowed such a situation to prevail.

He donated 200 tonnes of cement towards the construction of the school.

MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena digs the ground where new classrooms will be built.

Committees have been established to ensure work takes off to build and complete the classroom blocks in the shortest possible time.

The schoolchildren expressed their feeling through song and dance, saying they were being betrayed by their parents who chose trivialities over their education.

“If you are called for a beer drink, you rush in numbers, but you don’t do the same when it comes to paying our school fees,” the children sang.

The school said it registered a 17% pass rate in 2012 and 21% in 2012 and 2013 respectively with the highest scorer in 2012 scoring 17 units while in 2013 one attained 15 units.

Wadyajena urged parents to focus more on sending their children to school, paying fees and also assisting in the development of the school.

But most parents said that it was poverty that has resulted in them not sending their children to school.

Zanu PF members sing as they welcome MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena.

“Parents should pay their fees and teachers should not chase away pupils from school. I hope together we will build this school,” Wadyajena said.

Wadyajena urged parents not to indulge in political wars and also urged politicians to concentrate on developing and upgrading their constituencies.

“You begin to wonder what these people where doing in the past. It is sad to see such things in an independent Zimbabwe,” Wadyajena said.

“ZimAsset has clusters and school construction is one of them. It hurts to find that 34 years after independence, pupils are learning in infrastructure that resembles a pigsty. Qualified teachers don’t want to come here because of the state of the school yet we blame the teachers for the poor pass rate,” Wadyajena said.

Children sit on clay molded benches at Buno Primary school.

He also said he was aware of people that were against construction of the school and urged them to stop engaging in political wars.

“Such people have children going to better schools yet they want your children to sit under such infrastructure as though they are snakes that slither in such dirt,” he said.

The school is located about five kilometres from the economic hub of Gokwe which is a cotton hub Zimbabwe where meaningful development should be taking place.

Chief Nembudziya said that the job of developing the school was a community effort that required input from every villager and not the MP alone.

Chief Nembudziya.

“We have heard that there are some parents who were not paying school fees, and we have on some occasions summoned them because this is embarrassing. Just look at the state of roads in this area . . . there is absolutely no meaningful development taking place in this part of Zimbabwe,” the Chief said.

The United Nations Children’s Fund estimates that an average 10 children shares one textbook in Zimbabwe whilst the education ministry says 98% of the budget goes to paying teachers, leaving very little for the facelift of infrastructure.
A teacher at the school concurred with UNICEF’s findings saying it was difficult to promote a reading culture because of this sad state of affairs.


Government has failed to implement its economic blueprint, ZimAsset, due to lack of resources, and it may take many years to realize the set targets.

The government has also, through the Zanu PF manifesto, not allowed any non-governmental organisations to chip in with donor funding.

“With a literacy rate of 94, 2%, Zimbabweans are a highly achievement-oriented people who value education as a key goal. The fact that education has become inherent to the goals of Zimbabweans – as a result of Zanu PF’s widely acknowledged investment in education – has seen the rise of meritocracy as an important national goal especially among the youth who now make up the majority of the country’s population,” reads the manifesto.

“This ‘donorfication’ is driven by sinister motives inspired by the desire to uproot the architecture of education and health delivery built by Zanu PF since 1980 and widely acknowledged around the world as hallmarks of unparalleled success. This threat needs to be nipped in the bud to restore the people’s confidence in education and health delivery systems and to ensure their sustainability and relevance to the indigenous imperatives.”

But the most painful truth for Buno Primary Schoolchildren is that while they are struggle under such difficult circumstances, there seems to be no hurry or urgency by government to address their plight

Zupco accident,13 dead,18 hospitalised

Thirteen people died, while 18 others were seriously injured in a road traffic accident that occurred last night along the Harare-Nyamapanda highway, neartheShamva turn off toll gate.Police spokesperson, Chief Superintendent PaulNyathi said ten people died on the spot, while three others died on admission atParirenyatwa Hospital.The accident which occurred at around 11:47pm, involved a cross border Zupco bus coming from Malawi and a Mujawo Transport inter-truck that was going in the opposite direction.

Chief Supt Nyathi said the truck driver, Wonderful Nyamurambe (42) told police that as he was approaching a bridge, he saw some clothes dumped in the middle of the road and stopped the truck suspecting there were people sleeping on the road.

Nyamurambe said as he was reversing, the Zupco bus which was coming from the opposite direction with 43 passengers on board side-swiped the truck.

The bus veered off the road and plunged into the river landing by the left side and in the process killing ten people on the spot.

Police appealed to drivers especially those travelling at night to be observant and avoid speeding to safeguard lives.