Masendeke pleads guilty

The younger brother to the late notorious robber, Edgar Masendeke, yesterday pleaded guilty to seven counts of robbery, unlawful entry and kidnapping.
The late Masendeke and his accomplice, Stephen Chidhumo, made history as the only prisoners to escape from Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison in 1995. The duo were hanged for a spate of armed robberies and murder.

Andrew Masendeke (21) of Mukarati Village in Gutu appeared before regional magistrate Morgan Nemadire facing three counts of robbery, two of unlawful entry and a further two for kidnapping.

He pleaded guilty and was remanded in custody to June 29 for sentencing.

Masendeke and his two accomplices, Matrimony Nyathi and Sydney Mangisi, both still at large, terrorised miners and businesspeople in Midlands and Bulawayo getting away with more than $25 000.

The other three accomplices, Tapiwa Chimuti (29), Anyway Madala (27) and Simbarashe Machiritsa of Ascot Infill, Gweru, were recently sentenced to a combined 188 years for similar crimes.

The court heard that on February 10 this year at around 8pm, the accused in the company of Chimuti went to a supermarket at Clonsilla, Gweru, where they produced a pistol threatening to shoot workers and stole $1 916 which was in the safe. They took another $532 which was on the table.

In another count and on February 19, near Kambasha business centre, Gokwe, the accused stopped Alfred Zvapera, a police officer based at Gokwe Traffic, pretending to be in need of transport.

When the complainant had stopped, the accused produced a pistol and demanded cash and other belongings.

The complainant surrendered his car, police identity card, Lenovo cellphone and $4 cash. The accused kidnapped the police officer and drove the car for a distance before dumping him.

The accused used the same modus operandi to steal from other victims in Shurugwi, Chiredzi and Gweru.

Please assist Elsina Mabhena find her relatives

Elsina Mabhena(70) originally from Chief Sai near Sai School in Gokwe has been in hospital in South Africa for the past 7 years.


FB_20170624_20_12_50_Saved_PictureNone of her relatives know where she is and is reported to be losing memory.

Her daughter is Emelita Dube (38) who is married to Manyikinya Moyo.She attended school at Sai School.They have 2 sons, Tony and Thomas.

If anyone knows this person or any of these people or their relatives please contact Nelson Madziva on 0631851469 or alternatively contact him through his Facebook account Nelson Madziva.

Grafax and 2 other cotton buying companies’ licences have been suspended

The Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) has suspended cotton buying licences for three private contractors for allegedly failing to meet the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) forex requirements.

The three private cotton contractors whose licences have been suspended are Grafax, ETG Parogate Zimbabwe and China Africa.

Investigations by the ZBC News revealed that the three companies came under the spotlight after they attempted to circumvent the RBZ Foreign Currency Exchange Act, which stipulates that buyers of cotton should bring and declare foreign currency to buy the crop to the apex bank.

Instead, the three companies wanted to undermine the central bank by using bond notes in their local accounts to buy and export the cotton, a move which was likely to prejudice the country millions of dollars in foreign currency.

This is not the first time that the private cotton contractors have caused mayhem in the cotton sector as farmers are up in arms with some companies for distorting the markets and swindling them of the cotton year in year out.

Some of the private cotton contractors have reportedly been positioning themselves to buy cotton sponsored under the Presidential free inputs scheme.

Officials from AMA, who preferred anonymity, indicated that the suspension of three private contractors from buying the white gold can be lifted if they fulfill the RBZ requirements on time

Sex for debt gets Mberengwa woman a hiding

A 50-year-old woman from Mberengwa got a beating of her life after she allegedly offered to pay a debt in kind.According to a source from the village, Mercy Mapedza owed 19-year-old Joel Mataga $60 and failed to pay the money in time and decided to settle the debt with what she has. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Mapedza took bags of fertiliser at Joel Mataga’s shop last season and failed to pay back as she kept on giving excuses until she resorted to offering to pay in kind which the young man refused.When Mataga realised that Mapedza was not going to give him his money in time he threatened to take her phone which was on the charger so that he could sell it and recover his money.Mapedza is said to have begged the young man not to take her phone and find other ways to pay the debt before suggesting to sleep with him up to an extent that he felt was equivalent to his money and always come whenever he felt the urge to engage in sex.Mataga felt insulted by the offer and decided to teach the old lady a lesson."We heard screams from Mapedza’s homestead and we decided to go and see what was happening and upon arrival we saw Mataga beating up Mapedza telling her that he wanted money not sex from a woman old enough to be his mother," said the source.When Mataga was contacted for comment he told B-Metro that it was true that Mapedza offered to pay in kind."She (Mapedza) owes me $60 for fertiliser; she called me and told me to come to her place to collect my money only to hear such disgusting words from her."Does she think I started my business by engaging in sex? I run a business, not a brothel or something close to that. I was embarrassed, a woman old enough to be my mother offering to sleep with me for $60 — that’s a sign of being disrespected at all levels," said Mataga.Mapedza, however, dismissed the claims of offering to pay Mataga with sex."I told him that I was facing some financial difficulties and I suggested having a settlement where we can decide other ways to pay the debt, not sex. He misinterpreted everything since he was already angry after I told him that I had no money," said Mapedza.

Cotton producer price up

The cotton producer price has been raised from 40 cents for D-grade to 47 cents with immediate effect.

cottonn.jpgThe 7 cents increase on cotton producer price follows extensive consultations by the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe on realisation that 60 percent of cotton produced this season is quality A-grade.

The Cotton of Company of Zimbabwe acting managing director, Mr Pious Mananike confirmed that government has raised producer price of the white gold to 47 cents up from the initial 40 cents and farmers who have already delivered will get their top up with immediate effect.

Farmers have welcomed the new price of cotton saying the move by government will motivate the growers to grow more quality cotton next season.

Observers said the upward review of D-grade can be a trigger which could see government revising the A and B grade upwards.

The cotton marketing season is now in full swing in all the cotton-belts countrywide with about 110 00 tonnes expected this season up from 28 000 last year, thanks to the Presidential free inputs scheme.

Government is expected to buy 98 percent of cotton this season.

Grade B is pegged at 50 cents and Grade A cotton is fetching 55 cents per kg


Zambia bound King Lion bus kills 43

About 43 people died and 24 others were injured when the driver of a Zimbabwe-registered bus lost control of the vehicle before it veered of the road and rammed into a tree, authorities confirmed on Thursday.

National police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, said the accident, which involved a King Lion bus which was on its way to Zambia, occurred on Wednesday night along the Harare-Chirundu Highway, around the Nyamakate area, about 30 kilometres before Makuti.

"The driver of the bus failed to negotiate a curve, leading to him losing control of the bus and hitting a tree before overturning," she said.

It was suspected the driver was speeding and as a result, failed to successfully negotiate the curve.

Those with minor injuries were taken to Karoi District and Chinhoyi Provincial hospitals, while the seriously injured were said to have been transferred to Harare.

In the past years, King Lion has been involved in a number of fatal accidents. In July 2015, eight passengers died and 53 others were injured when one of the company’s buses, which was heading towards Harare, suffered a tyre burst and overturned along the Chirundu road, after the Kafue Gorge in Zambia.

The year before, one of the company’s buses was involved in a head-on collision with a small passenger car, near Beatrice, about 60km south of the capital, along the Harare-Beitbridge highway.

The accident which claimed the life of journalist Mernat Mafirakurewa.

Wednesday night’s bus accident comes barely a few months after another accident claimed more than 20 lives that time in Mvuma, when a haulage truck sideswiped a Johannesburg-bound Proliner bus and the two vehicles caught fire.

Shurugwi man loses wife in Champion’s League bet



A Shurugwi gambling addict who went to the extremes of betting his wife over the recently played Real Madrid, Juventus match has been fined two beasts by Chief Mazivisa, can exclusively reveal.

Charles Jambaya (26) from Mkandapi village under headman Mashazhu did the unthinkable on the 3rd of June when he pledged his wife Caroline Shumba (22) to another man   over the Juventus, real Madrid match.

Jambaya had a verbal agreement with Eugene Gumbo (30) that if Real Madrid would beat Juventus in the UEFA Champion’s League final he would give him his wife, while the later told the former that if Juventus triumphed he would give him $500.

As fate would have it, Real Madrid trounced Juventus by four goals to one and all hell broke loose when Eugene demanded his price after the match.

Jambaya told his bet mate to go and collect Caroline at his house.

Eugene went to Jambaya’s house and told Caroline that he had won her at the bottle store bet.

Puzzled and perplexed by the story, Caroline ran away and sought refuge at her aunt’s house.

Caroline told her aunt what had transpired and the matter was referred to Chief Mazivisa’s traditional court.

Appearing before Chief Mazivisa’s traditional court yesterday, Jambaya and Eugene told the court that they were not in their pure state of mind since they were drunk.

“Ishe nedare riri pano hongu makunana aya akaitika asi isu tanga takadhakwa, takanga tisiri mumindangariro yedu yakakwana zvomene”. translated; the chief and all the elders here present,the toboo took place but we were drunk hence we were not in our pure state of mind, explained Jambaya and Eugene in rapid succession.

Passing his judgement after a brief consultation with his elders, Chief Mazivisa fined Jambaya and Eugene one beast each for contravening the tenets of the Unhu or Ubuntu philosophy that dictates that a person cannot be sold, neither can anyone place a human being as a bet.

The chief also admonished villagers to desist from betting as this would result in illogical decisions.

“Muno mudunhu mangu handikurudzire njuga,zvemubhejo zvinemakuva akawanda,uye vechidiki regai mbanje neZvikiranco ndizvo zvinokanganisa hugaro hwemhuri zhinji. Translated in my Kingdom I do not encourage betting, betting has caused many deaths, also the youth should desist from smoking marijuana and drinking spirits since these are the major cause of problems in many  families.

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