Silver jubilee:ZimCatholicSa chaplain Fr Jerome Nyathi

The Chaplain of the Zimbabwe community in South Africa recently celebrated his 25 anniversary as a priest.
The ZimCatholicSa Secretariat gave thanks and praise to God for giving this community Fr Jerome whom they describe as dedicated priest,doctor and a professor.
Fr Jerome was ordained on 5 October 1991 in Plumtree,Zimbabwe,but served in many capacities in South Africa,including being a Spiritual Director and lecturer at St John Vianney Seminary,Pretoria.

PICTURES:Catholic Diocese of Gokwe celebrates Silver Jubilee

Gokwe Diocese this week celebrated 25 years since it was established.
It was established in 1991 from Diocese of Hwange.
Gokwe Diocese is the area stretching from Omay between Sanyati and Sengwa river.It stretches from area between Kwekwe district and Nkayi north of Shangani river.It has many parishes and schools.
On 17 June 1991 Bishop Michael Dickson Bhasera was ordained as a bishop of Gokwe which he served until 09 February 1999 when he was transferred to Masvingo Diocese.
Bishop Angelo Floro Martinez who is the current Bishop was ordained in October of the same year.Fr Stancelus Mutunami is the vicah general.Since it’s establishment the church expanded by building more missions which includes Gwanyika,Gwave,Tsungai and Manyoni.
It also built schools which include St Paul’s Primary School in Gokwe CBD which is named after it’s patron saint.It also managed to inherit Manyoni Primary School.
The church also has a minor seminary.

(Photos by Pontifical Mission Societies of Zimbabwe)

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“Women initiating adulterous affair is unAfrican”-Chief Njelele rules

An 18 year old married woman recently left a traditional court gathering stunned after she told the court that her polygamous husband was starving her for se_x to a point that she had to propose love to a neighbour. Locardia Mthendeleki,18, of Gokwe was giving evidence before a traditional court presided over by Chief Njelele after her husband, Mr Limol Mtendeleki,49, had sought the court to fine his neighbour, Nelson Mpofu for fl_irting with Locardia. During the cross-examination, Locardia admitted that she was having an extra marital affair with Mpofu but pleaded with the court not to fine him because ‘he is the one who quenches my se_x cravings since my husband has five wives and is failing to satisfy us all’. Chief Njelele who normally observes the court proceedings in silence as his aides cross-examine those appearing before his court had to intervene to restore order as the people went into hysteria, laughing lungs at Locardia’s bluntness.

“I admit that my husband who is the complainant here caught me pants down with Nelson when he came home unannounced. He has five wives and I am the last and the youngest of them. The major problem is that he spends most of his time with other wives and comes to my house after a month. He starves me of se_x a lot,” said Locardia drawing laughter from the gathering. Locardia shocked the court when she even admitted that she was the one who proposed love from Mpofu as she could not contain her sex urge. “I am the one who told him that I miss sex because my husband was always away. He understood my situation and agreed to have sex with me. At times we would have unprotected sex,” said Locardia.

Mpofu confirmed before the court that Locardia was the one who would visit him at his homestead. “At times she would come during odd hours and we would kill up time while playing radio, at some point I commented at the manner she would suggestively dance to music and that was when she said there was no problem if we could be lovers since she was not getting se_x at home,’ he said. Mthendeleki also admitted before the court that he was starving her youngest wife.

“I am the one to blame but I still love my wife. I was not doing my duties as a man and I will have to change my attitude,” said Mthendeleki after he was asked if he still loved his wife. He insisted that he loved her even with groans of disapproval from the attendees after Locardia revealed that at times she would indulge in se_x with Mpofu without protection.

In his ruling chief Njelele fined Locardia $80 arguing that her behaviour was shameful not to her alone but the entire womanhood.

“If the husband insists that he loves his wife even after she revealed before this court that she at times would have unprotected se_x with Mpofu, I have to fine the wife $80 because of her shameful behaviour. Her case is quite understandable but for her to then initiate an adulterous affair is unafrican,”he said.

Chief Njelele said by fining Mpofu, it would appear Mthendelei was trying to make business out of his wife’s adultery act. “But even the Bible says a man must divorce a promiscuous wife but if Mtendeleki insists that he loves his wife, it would seem they want to make business out of this so I am not fining Mpofu,” said the Chief.

Source-B metro

Gokwe traditional leaders threatening opposition members

Gokwe Sesame ward 11 traditional leaders have reportedly threatened to remove MDC-T members’ names from the food aid list if they continued to support the main opposition political party.

This was revealed by the Heal Zimbabwe Trust through its report.

"Following an MDC-T rally at Nemangwe Cotton Marketing Board on 16 October 2016, Village head Sande called for a meeting at Nemangwe ward centre on 17 October 2016.

"At the meeting, he told people that all those who had attended the MDC-T rally risked having their names removed from the food aid beneficiary’s list.

"Village head Sande also barred any opposition political activities in the area. He further highlighted that anyone who fails to comply with his order shall be forced to relocate," said the trust.

Cameroon train crash kills at least 53

Image copyrightAFP/GETTY IMAGES
At least 53 people died when a packed passenger train derailed and overturned in Cameroon, the country’s transport minister says.
The train was travelling between the two biggest cities, Yaounde and Douala, when it overturned near Eseka.
The Associated Press said there were 1,300 people on the train instead of the usual 600.
The train was busier than usual as landslides caused by heavy rains have blocked roads across Cameroon.
Transport minister Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o said some 300 people were also injured in the derailment, and that the death toll was likely to rise.

24 year old grandson impregnates 66 year old grandmother at Chief Njelele

NembuA daring 24-year old man from Gokwe allegedly impregnated his 66-year-old grandmother. Normore Mudavanhu is the talk of the village for getting Sazini Dube, his maternal grandmother, pregnant. If the baby is born that means it will become his mother’s younger sister.

Therefore, other than being it father, the child will become his aunt or uncle. Chief Njelele in whose jurisdiction the village falls is aware of the matter. “I cannot comment much because the two have not appeared in my court. However, I have heard about the embarrassing incident,” the Chief said.

He’s not surprised because it’s not the first of such incidents from the village.

“A number of people in my area have a tendency of engaging in incestuous relationships. I have dealt with a lot of such cases and I think it’s high time I give tough penalties,” said Chief Njelele. A source who is related to the two told the press that sometime this year it was discovered that the two were having an illicit affair. “Mudavanhu would be seen in the wee hours coming from Dube’s bedroom hut. A family meeting was called and the two were told to drop their illegitimate relationship or they risked being permanently cut off from the family,” said the source.

An apology followed but Dube is now three months pregnant with her grandson’s seed.

Source-B Metro