Gokwe’s own wizkid

Collins Tinotenda Mpofu (19) is proof that it does not only take going to fancy schools for a student to make it.

Hard work, focus and the right amount of intelligence was all that he needed to attain 20 points in four subjects at A’ Level — the best 2016 A’ Level result at Cheziya High School in Gokwe.

Born and raised in Machakata under Chief Njelele in Gokwe, Mpofu could have ended up just another child with a bleak future like most rural children. But he did not allow his sombre surroundings to determine his future.

From day one as a day scholar at Cheziya High School, Mpofu said he already knew he wanted to become a medical doctor.

"I always knew I wanted to become a doctor so I took the sciences combination at A’ Level. I did Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics and came out with four As," he said.

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Judging by his A’ Level results, he may be well on his way to achieving his dream, if a scholarship comes his way.

"As I worked so hard, I wanted to do so well that I would be able to get a scholarship so that I would not have to burden my parents any further," he said.

Achieving such a feat at A’ Level was no accident. Mpofu had also come out with flying colours in his O’ Level, managing to attain nine As, one B and one C. He, however, feels he could have got all As at O’Level if he had been a boarder and if he could have had at his disposal more textbooks. He only became a boarder at the same school when he started his Form 5.

Asked how he had managed to excel with inadequate resources, Mpofu expressed his appreciation for the internet.

"The internet played a big role. For instance, all the material I used to answer my practical papers came from the internet," he said.

Mpofu now anxiously waits for responses to his college and scholarship applications to know if his dream of becoming a doctor will become a reality.

Driver was caught on roadblock pulls a stove,started cooking

A truck driver who got caught up at a road block in Zimbabwe pulled a shocker when he decided to cook a meal in the middle of the road.

In an even more bizarre twist, the traffic cops ended up asking for food from the man.

"Abatwa paroad block kwakutanga kubika hake ipapo. Kuratidza kuti haasi pa hurry sterek sterek… itai yamunoita ini ndichimbotamba yangu… Hanzi mapurisa iwawo akatozoti ndipakurirewo ndakwara nenzara.

Catholic Annual National Choir Competitions Finally Comes To Gokwe

Catholic singers will this year converge in Gokwe to commemorate the day of their patron saint,St Cecilia.The event is held annually.All catholic dioceses have choirs which competes in these competitions every year.

Gokwe for a number of years failed to produce many choirs due to challenges which includes failure to practise due to distance between parishes and transport.Some dioceses send as many choirs as the can ,like Gweru which has more than 5 choirs as well as Harare and Masvingo,Mutare and Chinhoyi.Bulawayo and Hwange have choirs also.
There is also a choir which come from South Africa.The dedicated Zimbabwe catholic community which is based in Gauteng formed a choir 5 years ago to compete back home every year.

The challenge which Gokwe choristers face is transport.For congregants to practice they have to travel long distances from as far as Kana Mission,Sengwa Mission,Tsungai Mission,Gwanyika,Nembudzia,Cbireya,Manyoni to name but a few,to place like St Johns cathedral for practice.For a competition like this,which is held at the end of this year,to be held in Gokwe will boost the moral of choristers in this region.Gokwe has talents.Catholics around Zimbabwe enjoy the music produced by Gokwe composers.Composers like Mr Takawira,Mr Walter Dube,the late Mr Zinyohwera,Mr Fidelis Shamwari,Deacon Sibanda Muzeza,Alfonce Mugabe,Jevous Tichapondwa are just a few among others who make Gokwe composers association.


File photo South Africa based choir at Gokomere in Masvingo

RECAP:Ganyungu man makes a living out of floods

A daring Gokwe villager has turned flooding along Munyati into a money spinning opportunity as he ferries fellow villagers across the flooded river aboard a canoe for a fee.

The crossing point for the old man from Chigwida village in Gokwe North’s Ganyungu area is approximately 60 to 70 metres deep and Gift Gwaradzimba charges US$2 per trip per individual.

He usually ferries villagers living along Munyati river who often travel to Sanyati business centre in Mashonaland West Province to seek healthcare services or for shopping.

The villagers said road transport to Sanyati is expensive hence the cheaper option of a canoe.

A man who disembarked from the canoe just upon the ZBC News team arrival at the crossing point said there are no fears of capsizing as the practice has been going on for years.

The canoe captain, Gwaradzimba said for safety’s sake he carries one passenger at a time, and can ferry as many as 20 people per day, accumulating up to US$40 per day in income.

When the ZBC News went to Munyati river to witness the plight of the villagers, Gwaradzimba made a trip across the river all by himself, as he wanted to test the magnitude of the water current in the river.

While across the river, he confirmed that the level of turbulence was still high and had to delay picking his next customer awaiting the water levels to subside.

The use of canoes is risky especially when crossing crocodile infested and flooded rivers such as Munyati.

It only takes people like the daring Gwaradzimba to test turbulent waters for years , and one hopes no lives will be lost as a result of the practice.

Woman collapsed and died at shopping centre

A woman from Kanda Village in Gokwe South mysteriously collapsed and died at Matsakinya Business Centre also known as paKudiwa near Mlalazi area.Only identified as Mai Passmore Mujangasi who is a wife to Lovemore Mujangasi was Thursday on her way to Bulawayo where they were staying.She was in Gokwe for a funeral of Moleen,a family member who passed away last week.Details of what transpired are still sketchy.

Mlalazi area last year made history when an identified man was found dead in Sengwa river which prompted the arrest of several men in the villages.They were later acquitted of murder by Gokwe Magistrate Court

Chireya man to hang for security guard murder

A 29-YEAR-OLD Gokwe man, who eight years ago, fatally struck a private security guard with a hoe handle during a robbery, has been sentenced to death by High Court judge Justice Nicholas Mathonsi.

Doubt Mathe, from Chief Chireya’s area in Gowe North, was on Wednesday convicted over the murder of Taurayi Mache, who was guarding Grafax Cotton Company premises on June 14, 2008.

Mathe struck Mache with a hoe handle on the head leading to his death, after his robbery bid was foiled by the deceased.

Justice Mathonsi said Mache’s killing was preconceived and brutal and that a heavy sentence was necessary in the circumstances to send a clear message on the need to respect the sanctity of life.

State counsel, Tafadzwa Mpariwa told the court that on the fateful night, Mache reported for duty at Grafax Cotton Company, where he worked as a security guard.

Mathe, in the company of two accomplices, one who is now deceased and the other still at large, stormed the premises with the intention to commit a robbery, assaulted Mache, accusing him of foiling their mission.

The court heard that the trio then broke into a nearby house, where a cotton buyer, Winnie Sigwala, was sleeping, and demanded money from her.

Out of fear, Sigwala directed the gang to the kitchen, where the money was hidden, and they got away with
Z$50 billion, two solar inverters and a generator.

Mathe and his accomplices then ordered Sigwala to lie face down before they fled into the night.

Sigwala thereafter called one of her workmates and they proceeded to Mache’s workplace, where they found him unconscious and bleeding from the mouth and ears.

A report was made to the village head, who immediately organised a search party, leading to the arrest of Mathe and his now-deceased accomplice, 12km away from the scene, as the third suspect fled.


3 die in a freaky accident

THREE Gokwe South family members died in freak accident on Sunday afternoon, when a woman allegedly lost control of her car and rammed into a house killing her mother-in-law, her friend and seriously injuring her father-in-law who died moments later.

The husband of the driver, identified as Dillan Ngwenya Makanika, hanged himself after the accident.

Ngwenya Makanika was an administrator at Kana Mission Hospital, a stone’s throw away from his rural home.

Although Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Ispector Joel Goko, said he was not aware of the accident, a teacher at Kana Secondary School, John Mumvumi, said the accident happened soon after the family had come from church.

"The husband was a passenger with his wife driving when she lost control and drove into the house, where her mother-in-law sat with her husband and a neighbour, Chamunorwa," Mumvumi said.

Both women died on the spot, while Ngwenya’s father was seriously injured.

Unconfirmed reports said Ngwenya later slipped from the crowd and hanged himself on a tree close by.

"Funeral arrangements are underway," Mumvumi said, adding a sombre mood hung over the community.