Super man wants 70 children

Mr Luca Ngwenya husband of Gokwe woman who recently gave birth to a 15th baby is targeting to have more than 70 children with his three wives.The man’s sentiments matches with those of his wife,Mrs Hlekiwe Tititi Ngwenya who said she would to continue to bear children until she reached menopause.

In an interview,Mr Ngwenya(53) who is a member of Johane Masowe Yechishanu apostolic sect said he would continue to bear more children,God willing.
“Only God knows how many children im going to have with my three wives until i die.l believe bearing children is agift from God and more so its a blessing to have children”.

Mrs Ngwenya welcomed her baby number 15 on Monday at Gweru Provincial Hospital.They have since named the addition to the family, Mthandazo.
Mr Ngwenya has 36 children with four women.The first wife,however recently passed away after giving birth to 18 children,liiving Mrs Hlekiwe as the most senior wife.Mr Ngwenya said he did not agree with the church’s position of discouraging members from seeking medical assistance at hospital.Most apostolic sects believe that prayers only heal the sick without he assistance of health proffessionals.He said he decided to have his family access medical treatment after 18 of his children were attacked with measles at the same time.
“We had an experience about 3 years ago when 18 of my children were attacked by measles.The hospital authorities had to set up a makeshift clinic at my home while attending to my children.From now on then,I started appreciating the importance of health institutions like hospitals are one and the same thing when it commes to taking care of welfare of human beings,”he said.

Mr Ngwenya said all of his children ,save for two,were still going to school.he said the majority of them were still at primary school level while two were pursuing professional courses.
Mr Ngwenya expressed gratitude Gweru Provincial Hospital authorities for accepting his wife to deliver his latest baby.”I would like to thank hospital authorities at Gokwe District Hospital who valued my wife’s life and transfered her to Gweru Provincial Hospital where again she recieved warm welcome”.

Gokwe poacher trampled by an elephant

Elephant tramples poacher.
A suspect poacher was trampled to death by an elephant in according to reports.
The man was identified as Solomon Manjoro also known as Tshuma of Gokwe,after he was found by Charara Game Reserve.
“The poacher was recently trampled by an elephant after he failed to gun down the jumbo during a hunting expedition” the Sunday Mail wrote.
His coleague,29 years old Noluck Takuruka was arrested on firearm charges.
It is alleged the two went to Charara to poach elephants in April when Manjoro was killed
an estimated 25000 elephants are killed in Africa each year according to conservation groups.Two weeks ago,poachers killed at least 28 endangered forest elephants in Cameroon.

Zimbabwe Election – Labour Day Highlights Divisions in Zimbabwe’s Labour Movement

Zimbabwe Election: Latest News & Voting Information

By Our Harare Correspondent:

May Day, formerly a northern hemisphere pagan holiday, is now celebrated in more than 80 countries as International Worker’s Day to commemorate the introduction of the eight-hour working day.

In Zimbabwe, however, it offers an opportunity to highlight an unemployment rate of 80 percent, divisions within the country’s labour movement, a deteriorating environment for journalists, and the inability of factionalised labour unions to improve working conditions.

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