BREAKING:Parliament expels 5 MPs

Parliament of Zimbabwe today expelled five legislators after the ruling ZANU-PF notified the august House that they no longer represent the interests of the party. The five affected members are Ignatious Chombo (Zvimba North),Saviour Kasukuwere (Mount Darwin South), Professor Jonathan Moyo (Tsholotsho North), Kudzanayi Chipanga (Makoni West) and Mandiitawepi Chimene (Makoni South).
Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Cde Mabel Chinomona said by operation of the law, the constituencies are now vacant.

Soldiers block protesters from entering State house

Harare – Zimbabwe soldiers blocked thousands of protesters as they tried to march on embattled President Robert Mugabe‘s official residence in Harare on Saturday, an AFP correspondent on the scene said.

The demonstrators, participating in nationwide protests calling for the 93-year-old veteran leader to step aside after the army took power earlier this week, staged a sit-down protest in the road after being halted by the troops.

The crowd got within 200 metres of the gates to the complex that has been the nerve centre of Mugabe’s authoritarian rule, as large protests swept through the capital.

"This is not fair. Why are the soldiers preventing us to march to State House?" Rutendo Maisiri, an unemployed 26-year-old woman said. "It is wrong. We will stay put."

Zanu PF resolves Pres Mugabe must resign

Eight of Zanu PF’s 10 Provincial Coordinating Committees (PCC) have called on President Robert Mugabe to step down as President of Zimbabwe and President and First Secretary of the party saying he has lost control of the party and government business due to incapacitation stemming from his advanced age.

The provinces also said President Mugabe has allowed the formation of cabals.

The Zanu PF Mashonaland West Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) has made seven resolutions, key among them a call on President Robert Mugabe to step down as the First Secretary of the revolutionary party.

The PCC also called for the convening of a special central committee meeting within 48 hours to discuss the current political situation.

The PCC meeting also called for the renunciation of the G40 cabal, and resolved that there be a revocation and annulment of the suspensions and expulsions that took place after the party’s 2014 congress.

Members who attended the meeting also unanimously agreed to mobilise for, and attend a solidarity march slated for Saturday the 18th at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Harare in support of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces’ interventions to stabilise the economy and defuse a potential political instability that was threatening peace.

Cde Fanuel Chikomba the party provincial secretary for administration read out the agenda of the meeting before the house endorsed the proposals.

Cde Tommy Mwanza proposed that former Vice President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa retains his post in the party, a position also shared by Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi, who said the former vice president’s dismissal was not endorsed by the central committee as per the constitution of the party.

Provincial war veterans leader Cde Cornelius Muhoni and Mashonaland West Minister of State Cde Webster Shamu told the coordinating committee that the move taken by the ZDF was necessary in quelling a potential threat to national security posed by Zanu PF’s intra party squabbles.

The meeting heard that the party is supreme over individuals, who had turned it into their personal project, and were glorified unnecessarily.

In Masvingo, the Zanu PF Masvingo province has convened an urgent provincial coordinating committee meeting where Cde Ailess Baloyi, the party’s vice chairman read out the resolutions with the first one being that the province is calling for the immediate resignation of the Zanu PF First Secretary and President, Cde Robert Mugabe.

Cde Baloyi said in the event that Cde Mugabe refuses to resign, the province recommends that he is recalled from both the party and government.

The province also said they are in solidarity with the action taken by the ZDF led by General Constantino Chiwenga.

Masvingo provincial chairman Cde Ezra Chadzamira and Zanu PF chief whip Cde Lovemore Matuke also said they are now working to rebuild the party that had been invaded by selfish elements.

The province also resolved to attend the war veterans’ solidarity rally penciled for this Saturday.

Moving on to Mashonaland East province, the party has called on President Mugabe to resign, failure of which the party will recall him.

The motion was read by provincial chairperson Cde Bernard Makokove at an emergency provincial coordinating committee meeting at the provincial headquarters in Marondera.

The province said it supports the action taken by the ZDF to restore sanity in Zanu PF and recommended for action against members of the G40 cabal.

There were also recommendations for the central committee to convene a special meeting within 48hours to re-align the party with current developments.

Former women’s league national political commissar Cde Marble Chinomona, former provincial chairman Cde Joel Biggie Matiza and provincial war veterans’ chairperson Cde Daniel Sigauke supported the motions.

The party has also called on members from all districts to come in their thousands for the solidarity march with the ZDF in Harare on Saturday.

The Zanu PF Midlands provincial executive has unanimously resolved to recall President Mugabe from both the party and government and they have called for an urgent central committee meeting to re-align the party ahead of the 2018 general elections.

The resolution was made during a provincial coordinating meeting at the party’s Convention Centre in Gweru.

The province proclaimed solidarity with the ZDF for stopping the rot and capture of the party and government by the G40 cabal.

Zanu PF central committee member and war veterans secretary general Cde Victor Matemadanda told party members that Zanu PF does not belong to a family and implored them to bury their differences and embrace everyone as the nation charts its course.

The province which is working side by side with war veterans is inviting every Zimbabwean for a solidarity rally in Harare and transport to ferry people has been availed in all the districts in the province.

Meanwhile, the province went on to reaffirm that former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who was fired unprocedurally from the party and government is still a central committee member.

In Mashonaland Central, the Zanu PF Mashonaland Central Provincial Coordinating Committee has resolved the recalling of President Mugabe as party president and the resignation of Dr Grace Mugabe as Secretary for Women’s League.

Zanu PF Politburo member Cde Chen Chimutengwende said illegal suspensions and expulsions have divided the party.

Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs Minister Advocate Martin Dinha said the party was captured by a few individuals for personal gain which is being corrected now.

The meeting applauded the role played by the defence forces in plucking out rogue elements within the party while also recommending the expulsions of Cde Dickson Mafios who was the chairman, secretary for administration Cde Wonder Mashange and the provincial youth league secretary for administration Cde Karima.

The Zanu PF Harare Province PCC has resolved that President Mugabe should retire from his duties and support the ZDF Commander for uprooting the culprits destabilising the party.

Zanu PF Politburo member Cde Clevaria Chizema also said as women they have to respect the President by acknowledging his job as a leader and wish to see him retire.

Other party members have expressed their support to the resolutions adding that they wish to see President Mugabe being an adviser after retiring and accept the move taken by the ZDF Commander.

National Assembly member for Harare East constituency Cde Terrence Mukupe also said the outcome of the unfolding events in the Zanu PF political terrain will bring positive results since all the members who were corrupt will no longer be tolerated but to face the wrath of the law.

The meeting has also called for the party to convene a special committee meeting within 48 hours to realign the party in line with the current political developments.

Zanu PF Manicaland Province also said the President must resign or risk being recalled by the party.

The province’s PCC meeting saw members unanimously agreeing that there had been infiltration of the party by individuals bent on destroying it from within as well as enriching themselves.

There was also a call for the central committee meeting to realign the party to make it functional.

On the slated solidarity march in Harare, the Manicaland branch said it has secured 33 buses to be used to ferry those who wish to attend the march that will see people congregating at Robert Mugabe Square then walking to the State House.

There was also consensus that Cde Mike Madiro takes over the chairmanship of the province while Cde Happiness Nyakuedzwa was selected as Women’s League secretary with Cde Tawanda Mukodza winning the approval of the Youth League.

In Bulawayo, the Zanu PF Provincial Coordinating Committee has called for the recalling of the party’s President and First Secretary Cde Robert Mugabe while calling for the re-admission of Cde Mnangagwa as the new party leader.

Addressing party supporters this Friday (today), Zanu PF provincial chairman Cde Dennis Ndlovu said his executive has decided to recall President Mugabe as its leader for fanning factionalism in the party.

Cde Ndlovu said his province supports the intervention of the army in trying to bring normalcy in the country while calling for the reinstatement of all expelled party cadres saying Cde Mnangagwa should be appointed interim party leader.

Cde Ndlovu urged the province to shun unnecessary divisions which he said destroy the party in the province.

Ngara Wamambo

Maita Nungu yangu yiyi,
Maita Chipiri mukuwasha waMambo.
Hekani Maposa,
Masvingo aGovere.
Maita Chikandamina,
Weshanu uri pauta.
Maita vari Chirungurira,
Manjekechera, vari Gokomere,
Chizuza changu chichi.
Maita Nungu, Hananda, Zimbovora.
Mazviita vaRusvingo naMazambara,
Vakafura dombo nomuseve rikabuda ropa,
VaMupumbuvoko pachirimo,
Rave zhizha vofura shangwa,
Vakadzidzisa vanhu kutunge timbwa.
Vokutora mapadza avanhu,
Vachindoise mugomo,
Vachibata wanike yangova mihwa yoga,
Nungu yangu yiyi,
Minungu ndeyengara,
Nyama usavi hwavamwe,
dehwe richiseveswazve.
Maita vari Govere, Masvingo angu,
Zimwaya, Zimuto wangu yuyu.

Sai man attempted to rape woman infront of her children,get 5 years behind bars

A MAN from Gokwe who attempted to rape a woman in the presence of her children has been slapped with a five-year jail term.

Givemore Moyo, (41) of Mangisi Village under Chief Sai in Gokwe South pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Gokwe magistrate Mr Christopher Maturure last week.

However, Mr Maturure found Moyo guilty and castigated him for taking advantage of women.

“You are a man who does not respect women and you take advantage of them. Such acts should be condemned and a prison sentence is suitable for people like you. You had to torture the poor woman while her kids watched her endure such a brutal attack,” said Mr Maturure.

The court heard that on 8 October and at around 11pm, the woman was sleeping in her bedroom with her two sons when Moyo opened the door which was not locked and walked in.

Out of panic, the woman asked Moyo what he was doing in her room and he demanded sex.

Moyo tried to grab the woman but she pushed him aside before running out of the room.

He followed the woman and tripped her to the ground before trying to rape her while the other hand was closing her mouth so that she could not scream.

However, the woman managed to push Moyo aside and ran to her neighbour who helped her report the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Moyo. Mr Progress Chaisva prosecuted.


Intersection sign post

Gokwe councillor in court for printing counterfeit council receipt book

A ZANU PF Gokwe councillor has been dragged to court on allegations of printing counterfeit council receipt books before collecting levies from unsuspecting villagers and converting the money to his own use.

The suspect Samson Ernest Chigaba (50), who is also a headmaster at Dzvuke Primary School, last week appeared before Gokwe magistrate Christopher Maturure who granted him $100 bail and remanded the matter to November 9.

The complainant in the matter is Gokwe South Rural District Council represented by its chairperson Zhangazha Chibwana.

Allegations are that on dates unknown to the prosecutor but in December 2015, Chigaba hatched a plan to defraud Gokwe South Rural Council by collecting levies illegally from villagers under St Hughes area in Mateta, Gokwe South.

Chigaba allegedly approached one Shepstone Chiweshe to manufacture fake Gokwe South Rural District Council invoice books in a bid to deceive villagers that the receipt books were genuine.

It is alleged Chigaba further instructed Chiweshe to inscribe his contact details and a face value of $5 which was broken down as $2,50 clinic levy, $2,25 road levy and $0,25 village head’s allowance.

Chigaba in his capacity as councillor allegedly formed a committee known as St Hughes Neighbourhood Committee which he intended to use to accomplish his plan.

The State alleges that between December 6, 2015 and December 21 last year, Chigaba went on to collect levies per household with assistance from the neighbourhood committee. He collected $715 from 143 households. Between May 9 last year and August 13 this year, Chigaba collected $2 600 from 520 villagers in Dzvuke area.

From November 4 last year to March 31 this year Chigaba allegedly collected another $475 from villagers in Manoti area. The matter was discovered by Gokwe South Rural District Council revenue collectors, leading to the recovery of some of the counterfeit receipt books.

Tineyi Tirigo appeared for the State.


President Mugabe fires VP Munangagwa

JOHANNESBURG – President Robert Mugabe has fired Emmerson Mnangagwa as vice president, removing one of the favourites to succeed the 93-year-old leader.

Mnangagwa, a 75-year-old former intelligence chief, has been heavily criticised by supporters of Mugabe’s wife, Grace, who has also been touted as a potential successor to her husband.

Information Minister Simon Khaya Moyo made the announcement.

He says Mnangagwa exhibited traits of disloyalty, disrespect and deceitfulness.