Millions left stressed with election results.

As allegations of vote fraud spread in the post election period,many Zimbabwean are stressed thinking what their future with the Zanu pf government which they say has a history of failing the people of this country.President Mugabe was in power since we attained independence in 1980.

In 2000 thing started to fall apart and people lost confidence in government.The situation deteriorated to such an extent there where cash shortages in the country.Shops were empty,all garage ran dry,and queues were everywhere.

Everyone was a quadrilionaire by 2008,by just imagine a poor quadrilionaire.The quintilions and sexilions were in everybody’s bank accounts but could not withdraw it because of cash shortage and use of forex was a biggest challenge Zimbabweans faced.The Zim dollar was worthless and was losing value every hour.The sitution was tough as towns and cities were overcrowded everyday of the week.Some were sleeping outside in queues for either cash,food or fuel.It was hectic.

This got better after the GNU was formed and the use forex use was introduced.Companies started paying salaries in forex which was good.Food was availble in shops even if it was expensive.Things normalised and everyone had access to basic commodities.The main challenge was companies started to close due to viability problems,leaving millions out of employment.

The confidence in the GNU grew and thing normalised,but employment is the main challenge as companies cntinued to close down.

The election of the Zanu pf into office left citizens pondering on what their future would be.People are not sure if they can trust this government again or not.When election results were announced,MDC supporters started to ask their leaders the way foward.

When Morgan Tsvangirai gave a statement saying they will not be part of this government and are withdrawing all the services,one could not hide his anger saying,”President and whats the way foward izvozvi ndatobatiwa bp futi ah nxaa.”

Many people seemed to be stressed about the results saying what are we going to be in future.One lady said “Dai mwana wangu wandakatakura akasashaya chokupfeka souyu.”refferin to her older child.
One guy said he failedto eat.Even in diaspora some I was chatting with said,they thought it was thime to go home but hey ruled it out.”Hwatove hupenyu tiri muno,zvokuenda kumusha zvakona,”I quoted.

Even when th results were announced you couldn’t see people celebrating but only sad faces.So what is the government preparing for us.