Nemangwe man fined $100 for killing neighbour

A 41-YEAR-OLD Gokwe man, who killed his neighbour by striking him with a log and an axe in a dispute over stray pigs, was yesterday fined $100 after being convicted of culpable homicide.

Landelani Tshuma of Simboti village under Chief Nemangwe in Gokwe South struck Gaboyi Gabi, aged 71 at time of death, in a fight over stray pigs.

High Court judge, Justice Martin Makonese said although the deceased was the aggressor, Tshuma was negligent in the way he conducted himself leading to the death.

Justice Makonese fined Tshuma $100 or in default, he would serve 12 months in prison. In addition, five years were wholly suspended on condition of good behaviour.

In passing sentence, Justice Makonese said although the offence would ordinarily attract a prison term, he had considered that the accused had spent six years waiting for trial and an accumulative period of four months in custody.

He also considered that accused was a first offender, who had shown remorse for his actions by paying compensation and also that deceased was the initial aggressor in the matter.

Prosecutor, Tafadzwa Mpariwa had told the court that on April 1, 2011 at around 3pm, the deceased’s pigs strayed into the accused’s homestead.

The accused went to the deceased’s homestead to engage him over the stray animals and a misunderstanding arose between the two men resulting in them trading harsh words.

The deceased armed himself with an axe and struck accused on the chin, chest and forearm.

The accused then picked a log and struck the deceased once on the head before he (deceased) fell to the ground.

The accused went on to grab the axe from deceased before striking the latter once on the leg and arm.

A neighbour, Simboti Chiyamuro stopped the fight and the deceased was ferried to hospital, but died on the same day from injuries sustained from the fight.

Scandal Actor Scelo caught in real life scandal

SCANDAL actor, Mbulelo Ndlazilwana, who plays Scelo in the soapie, was nabbed in a brothel on Thursday.

It happened when cops swooped on the sex den and took 17 persons into custody.

Six male suspects and 11 women, ranging in age from 19 to 43 years, were arrested and charged with sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Mbulelo Ndlaziwana (21) was one of the suspects, and appeared in the East Rand court on Friday.

He was charged with the others under the Sexual Offences Act.

The actor appears on’s most-watched TV show, Scandal, and now features in a real-life scandal.

Sunday Sun understands that police found a large number of condoms on the premises.

The raid was sparked after a 25-year-old woman managed to escape the sex den in Springs, east of Joburg, and fled to the police.

The whistle-blower told cops that she was in fear of death, and had been taken to a place of safety.

Gauteng police spokesperson, Captain Kay Makhubele, said: “The escaped woman ran from the brothel to the police.

“She pointed out the brothel, and that’s why the police went and raided the place.”

In response to a media enquiry,’s head of corporate affairs Vasili Vass said there had been speculation surrounding the arrest of an actor, “. . . but we have received no further details at this stage.

“The channel will respectfully allow due process to take place.”

Gauteng provincial commissioner, Lieutenant General Deliwe de Lange, said the police would ensure the safety of women and children in the country.

Mbulelo was not available for comment.

Despite repeated calls, his phone was always on voicemail.

– Sunday Sun

Chokuda co-killer Abel Maphosa’s murderers back in court

THREE dangerous criminals – one of them on death row – allegedly killed a fellow cellmate in cold blood at Wha Wha Medium Prison in Gweru after he refused to join their plot to break out of prison.

Two of the convicts – Wellington Gadzira (46) and Moses Pedzisai Mahuvava (38) appeared before Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Martin Makonese yesterday facing one count of murder each.

The duo together with their accomplice Johannes Nyasha Masiiwa (32) allegedly murdered Abel Maphosa (then 56) who was one of the convicts who murdered Moses Chokuda of Gokwe together with the son of the Minister of State for Midlands Province, Jason Machaya – Farai – in 2009.

Gadzira and Mahuvava are pleading guilty to a lesser charge of culpable homicide through their pro-deo lawyers Mr Nomore Hlabano and Mr Tatenda Manika.

Masiiwa did not attend court as he is undergoing psychiatric examination at Mlondolozi Mental Health Prison in Bulawayo and his matter has been postponed indefinitely.

Gadzira and Mahuvava were remanded in custody to May 22 for continuation of trial.

Maphosa, Farai together with brothers Edmore and Bothwel Gana, were each jailed for 18 years by Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Nicholas Mathonsi in 2011 for murdering Chokuda.

Chokuda – whose body spent close to two years allegedly dripping blood in a mortuary at Gokwe District Hospital – was only buried after his relatives got 20 cattle and $15 000 cash as compensation from Machaya.

Yesterday, the State called prison officer Cuthbert Chakawa to the witness stand.

He said after Maphosa’s death in November 2011, he went to investigate and saw that there was an indication that an attempt to escape from the prison during a power outage had been made.

He said the attempted prison break failed because electricity was promptly restored.

"The accused persons, after it was observed that they had murdered Maphosa, indicated that they had asked him to be part of their plan to escape and he had refused. They said they killed him. I don’t know the roles they played in the assault leading to the death of Maphosa," said PO Chakawa.

Prosecutor Mr Samuel Pedzisai told the court that Gadzira, Mahuvava and Masiiwa were sharing prison cell number 19 at Wha Wha Medium Prison in November 2011 with Maphosa.

Mr Pedzisai said on November 23 while Maphosa was attending court at Gweru Magistrates Court (for a matter not mentioned in court yesterday), Gadzira, Mahuvava and Masiiwa planned a prison break.

"They took a piece of wire which was used to secure a cell light, sharpened it and used it to cut a hole at the bottom of the locked wooden cell door. When the deceased returned from court, the accused persons asked him to be part of their plan to escape from the prison. The deceased refused to join them," he said.

Mr Pedzisai said Gadzira, Mahuvava and Masiiwa hatched a plan to kill Maphosa.

"The accused persons then bashed the deceased’s head against the wall and kicked him below the chin. They tore a blanket into strips and used the strips to tie the deceased hands and legs. They stuffed a towel in the deceased’s mouth," he said. Mr Pedzisai said the trio escaped from their prison cell during a power outage.

"Before they could escape from the prison, electricity was restored and they returned to their cell in fear of getting caught. The deceased’s body was discovered by prison officers during the morning roll call," he said.

Gadzira is an inmate at Chikurubi Maximum Prison where he is on death row after he was convicted of poisoning Bulawayo miners, Mr William Porvey and Mr Michael Sunerland with cyanide before gruesomely stoning them to death near Kwekwe.

Mahuvava is serving a 30-year jail sentence for unlawful entry and theft and Masiiwa is one of the two self-proclaimed Gweru prophets who were arrested for allegedly axing to death a Mkoba Village 2 woman and fellow church member, Mrs Patience Mpofu during a prayer session at her home.

Masiiwa was admitted as a psychiatric patient at Mlondolozi Mental Health Prison after the murder of Maphosa.

Gweru City Council owes $23 million to ZESA

GWERU – Gweru City Council is on the edge financially and its debt with Zimbabwe Electricity and Distribution Company (ZETDC) now stands at $23,1 million.
The new Gweru Mayor, Charles Chikozho told The Mirror in an exclusive interview that the situation was so bad that a payment arrangement between ZETDC and the local authority had to be agreed upon at the High Court.
As a result of the High Court arrangement, the council is paying $60 000 every month to defray its debt and this is in addition to the $280 000 monthly electricity bill.
He added that the total City Council debt stood at $42 215 735.26 and blamed the precarious situation on the dwindling revenue inflows.
"Our financial situation is not healthy. Inflows are dwindling, the wage bill is huge and costs associated with service delivery are very high," said Chikozho.
He however, said council is owed $52 219 411 and the debtors arrears are as follows; industrial and commercial consumers $18 290 620. Government departments $4 427 679 and residents owe $29 501 105.
Chikozho said council was doing everything it can to push debtors to come up with payment plans so that they can clear their credits.
"We are doing all we can to push debtors to come up with payment plans to clear credits. We have handed some of the debtors to debt collectors but really that’s the last resort," said Chikozho.

16 Zimbabweans miners dead in South African mine

SIXTEEN of the 31 people who died after a mine shaft collapsed in South Africa have been identified as Zimbabweans.

The mine explosion killed 29 people while 11 others were rescued.

The explosion occurred after suspected illegal miners blew up the defunct Harmony Gold mine shaft in Welkom, Free State, last week on Thursday and the disaster was discovered earlier this week.

It has since emerged that two more bodies have been retrieved as the rescue team is still searching for victims and survivors.

Zimbabwe Consul-General in South Africa Mr Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro said almost 50 percent of the retrieved bodies were of Zimbabweans.

"What we have gathered right now is that they have retrieved 31 bodies and 16 of them are Zimbabweans.

"They are still rescuing some more and we hope to get more details between tomorrow (today) and on Sunday," said Mr Mukonoweshuro.

He said his team was on the ground getting finer details.

The victims are suspected to have died after inhaling dangerous gases after the mine collapsed.

Some Lesotho and Mozambique nationals are also suspected to have died in the same incident.

Mr Mukonoweshuro expressed concern that Zimbabweans were engaging in dangerous activities while trying to eke out a living.

In 2014, 27 Zimbabweans from Gokwe and Nkayi suffocated in a shaft at Roodepoort Mine in Johannesburg West, South Africa, after inhaling carbon monoxide

SDA building a specialist hospital in Gweru

GWERU – The Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) is building a $500 000 hospital in Gweru whose core mandate is to provide specialist service in the city.
The hospital whose construction started in February this year will provide services that address health issues to do with kidney, eye and other body parts, said the SDA Director of Health, Doctor Douglas Mutanga.
Completion of the hospital is expected in the next three months. However, it could have been completed earlier had it not been for the incessant rains.
He said the new project will plug the hole for such services where people had to go to Harare to get medical attention.
The SDA hospital is located behind Claybank Private Hospital just outside the Central Business District in Windsor Park.
"What we want to do with this hospital is to give complimentary health care services which are not found in Gweru. We did a marketing survey and found out that there are no specialists especially in areas like kidney and eye and patients are forced to travel to Harare or Bulawayo and our intention is to close this gap.
"The hospital will start with a compliment of five nurses and some specialist doctors.
"Right now l am working with the Provincial Medical Director and he is giving me an appreciation of what is really lacking in Gweru so that we close that gap," said Dr Mutanga
The hospital sits on an estimated 500 square meter piece of land.
SDA got the land from Gweru City Council to build the hospital 10 years ago and initially the church had just constructed a dental clinic which is currently closed for renovations.
"We got this land 10 years ago from Gweru City Council and initially the church constructed a dental clinic and Central Zimbabwe Conference Offices," said Dr Mutanga.
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Unscrupulous businesspeople fleecing Gokwe farmers

Unscrupulous businesspeople are fleecing Gokwe farmers by offering non-viable prices for cattle, justifying their actions by saying the area is prone to Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD). This came out at a meeting held in the Defe Mutendi area of Gokwe on Wednesday. Gokwe provincial veterinary officer Dr Daniel Hove said the district had the highest number of cattle, but farmers in the area were not realising huge profits from the livestock as they were selling them at give away prices.

Dr Hove said most abattoir operators from areas across the country were coming to buy cattle from Gokwe and offering low prices.

“Gokwe North and Gokwe South farmers have around 300 000 cattle and this contributes greatly towards the economy,” he said.

“Farmers in the area should have been enjoying the fruits of their sweat, but the area is known to be affected by FMD and buyers are not willing to offer high prices.

“As long as the area remains at high risk of FMD, prices will remain low.”

Dr Hove said the abattoir operators sold the beef at higher prices after buying cattle at low prices.

He said FMD had a negative impact on the economy as it affected exports of beef and other related products.

“Farmers in Gokwe cannot move their cattle out of Gokwe to better markets because of the movement restrictions due to the disease,” said Dr Hove.

“The disease has been spreading in the area because of the mixing of livestock with wild animals due to vandalism of game fences. Sometimes farmers do not alert authorities early when there is an FMD outbreak and also they are not willing to have their livestock vaccinated even when it is for free.”

Dr Hove said his department was committed to eradicating the disease, but efforts were being hampered by lack of commitment from the affected farmers.

He said farmers should realise the value in the livestock and start prioritising the health of their animals.

Gokwe farmer Mr Clemence Kwirimba complained that some were people living in the safari park area and their infected cattle were spreading the disease.

“Why should we be blamed for the spread of the disease?” he said.

“We are also affected by the issue of low prices of all our agricultural products, including grain. What is the difference between our produce and those from other provinces? The Agricultural Marketing Authority should assist us on livestock prices. They appear to concentrate more on prices of grains.”

Zanu-PF National Consultative Assembly member, Cde Silas Mutendi, urged farmers to do away with the dependence syndrome of always looking up to Government for all resources.

He said farmers should play their role in FMD prevention by reporting outbreaks early and also dipping and vaccinating their animals.

“Farmers should also designate areas for pastures,” he said.

“Let us do our part as farmers and make use of the veterinary officers in our areas.”

Police National Anti-stock Theft Unit official Assistant Commissioner Panganayi Sande said Zimbabwe was losing out on foreign currency because of FMD.

“We have cattle, but we can not export because of the disease,” he said.

“The disease is also spread by the illegal movement of cattle. Farmers should also brand their cattle for easy traceability and identification purposes.”

The Department of Veterinary Services is holding numerous meetings with the Gokwe community to come up with a collective solution to the problem of FMD, which is prevalent in the area.

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