Rainbow Fun run livens up Gokwe

THE Spar Gokwe 10km fun run lived up to its billing with Portipher Dombojena and Gilbert Mutandiro being involved in a photo finish at the weekend.

Dombojena of Nyaradzo Group pipped Mutandiro to walk away with $150, with the runner-up taking home $120.

In the ladies’ category, Valentine Mugoni, a cross-border trader, clinched first place and the winner’s prize of $150. Kudzai Vengesa, who led for most of the race before tiring, was second.

Roy Mawoneke (55) from Gokwe won the seniors’ category.

The run for charity marathon aimed at raising funds for underprivileged people in Gokwe was a partnership between Gokwe Town Council and Spar Magic Moments Gokwe.

Spar Magic Moments Gokwe director Tinashe Mangisi said the run would now be an annual event.

“We want to make the 10km marathon an annual event to raise money for charity,” said Mangisi.

Gokwe Town Council chairperson Esther Sengwa said the race is part of promoting the development of sport in the area.

“We had over 450 runners in both the 5km fun run and the 10km run. We had athletes coming from outside Gokwe, which means this can improve. We want to grow the fun run in our town,” Sengwa said.

Sixty underprivileged residents of the Gokwe community were presented with food hampers from proceeds of the race.

ZANU PF on mobilisation drive

Zanu PF Midlands provincial leadership is embarking on inter-district mobilisation programme ahead of the Presidential Youth Interface rally set for this Friday at the Mkoba open space in Gweru.

The provincial leadership is mobilising people at the district level emphasizing on the importance of discipline at the meeting.

The provincial leadership descended in Gokwe-Nembudziya where Zanu PF Midlands vice chairman Cde Goodwill Shiri explained to the gathering on the importance of the Presidential Youth Interface rallies at the same time updating them on the preparedness of the province to host the President.

Zanu PF Midlands Youth League secretary for administration who is also Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator, Cde Justice Mayor Wadyajena said there is need for people to turn out in their numbers while also emphasizing the importance of discipline during the Presidential Interface rally.

Zanu PF Youth League has organised Presidential Youth Interface rallies across the country as a way of offering an opportunity for young people to meet with the President and articulate their challenges.


Gokwe targets to attain municipal status by 2025

For a town to attain municipal status, there are a number of determinants such as the development of road infrastructure as well as housing.

Gokwe has set the target for achieving municipal status for the year 2025 and the business community feels this target is achievable.

Gokwe, which is the country’s cotton growing epicentre, is slowly awakening from a slumber that had threatened its growth after farmers had slowly abandoned the growing of the white gold.

However, with the government coming in with a cotton input support scheme, Gokwe farmers are happy.

Gokwe Business Community Vice Chairperson, Mr Jacob Sundawo said Gokwe is usually portrayed as a place synonymous with mysterious happenings despite the positive developments taking place at the centre.

Mr Sundawo said the growth of the town, which has seen financial institutions, supermarket chains as well as other corporates having a footprint in the town, is a sign that the town is developing.

Cotton has been the mainstay of Gokwe and there is consensus that the cotton to clothing strategy can have positive ripple effects on Gokwe.

The Zvido Zvevanhu Cotton Producers Association believes that investment in firms that will add value to cotton will create investment in the town.

Gokwe Town Council has also embarked on a drive to improve infrastructure in the town with a stadium, newly completed town house as well as housing developments changing the cotton growing hubs outlook.


Ex-soldier arrested for beheading Gokwe sister



Zimbabwe Republic Police have arrested an ex-soldier suspected to have killed four sisters with an axe before burning their bodies in a bedroom hut in Chirima village in Gokwe South.




Midlands acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende yesterday declined to comment on the issue, saying she was yet to verify the arrest.

Dube allegedly killed the four siblings, Peculiar (4), Princess (13), Preference (15) and Progress (19) in a fit of anger on August 18.

A family spokesperson, Mr Moffat Dlomo, said police arrested Dingilizwe Dube, the son-in-law to the parents of the deceased four girls.

He said police ambushed Dube at his hideout at Queens Mine in Inyathi following a tip-off from members of the public who had read about the cold- blooded killing in The Chronicle.

“Inyathi police station handed him over to Gokwe police and the last time I last heard of him he was in police cells in Gokwe,” said Mr Dlomo.

Family members told The Chronicle that Dube left the army under unclear circumstances around 2008.

They said it was not the first time he had been violent towards his in-laws as he had disembowelled his ex-wife’s brother in South Africa, soon after he left the army.


“He stabbed Mr Kopano Gumede and left his intestines hanging in a fight after his ex-wife Nomusa Gumede left him and fled to South Africa. Kopano is Nomusa’s brother. He is lucky to be alive after the incident,” said a family member who preferred anonymity.

The family member said Dube’s present wife, Ms Priviledge Ndlovu’s siblings were killed after she fled from his homestead with their two children.

“He seemed to have deserted his wife of five years when he went to South Africa. His family was literally starving. Dube’s father gave Priviledge sorghum and advised her to brew beer for sale. Dube heard about it and threatened to kill her for disrespecting him,” said the family member.

Ms Ndlovu, the family member said, took her children and fled from the homestead as she knew from past experience how violent her husband could be.

The family member said Dube sent a message to his wife’s family saying he would kill people if they did not tell him where she had gone to.

“He fulfilled his threat when no one responded,” said the family member.

The arrest, villagers said, had brought relief in the area.

“We were all living in fear, especially after hearing that Dube sent a message to his in-laws threatening to kill more people on the day the four siblings were buried,” said a villager who asked not to be named.

“He is an ex-soldier who fought in the DRC and we feared he would use his special training to kill everyone who had spoken against his evil deed at the burial on Wednesday last week.” state media

Zimbabwean busted for Hilbrow Theatre shooting spree

A Zimbabwean man has been arrested in connection with the Hillbrow Theatre shooting that left one person dead and several others injured.

The man identified as Milton Mayelane Mncube was arrested after police launched a manhunt following the incident in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Mncube, born 1984-01-25, was caught with an unlicensed firearm which was recovered.

Gauteng police said the suspect, 33, was arrested after he was allegedly involved in an armed robbery after the theatre shooting on Sunday.

At the time, police did not know that the same man was allegedly involved in the shooting at the theatre.

Gauteng police spokesperson Lungelo Dlamini said police connected the suspect to the theatre shooting, on Monday, following further investigation.

The man is currently undergoing medical treatment at the Tembisa hospital, he said.

Dlamini was unable to say how the suspect was hurt or what his injuries were.

He is expected to appear in court within the next 48 hours. He faces charges of murder, attempted murder, armed robbery and possession of an unlicensed firearm

Zimbabwean man shoots fellow countrymen 1 dead 8 injured in South Africa

ONE person was killed when a man jumped onto stage and began shooting at the crowd during a concert at the Hillbrow Theatre in the early hours of Sunday morning, Gauteng police said.

"The suspect jumped onto the stage while a band was performing. He then grabbed a microphone and claimed that he would stop the band unless he got back his stolen cellphone," said police spokesman Colonel Lungelo Dlamini.

"When the audience tried to intervene, he fired shots randomly and eight people were shot."

One person was killed and seven were seriously injured. They are being treated in hospital.

The gunman then apparently fled on foot.

Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

– News24

Sex starved Manyoni woman in court for bonking a relative

A Gokwe married woman bedded her husband’s uncle citing se_xual starvation. Svodai Marwisi, who is doing community service at Manyoni Primary School for killing her newly born baby born out of the adulterous affair, appeared before chief Nemangwe, real name Mike Katyavazungu on Sunday where she stunned the community court blaming her husband for se_xuality starving her.

This resulted in her bedding her mother-in-law’s married brother. Svodai told H-Metro that her husband left the country three years ago for South Africa and she had to quench her se_xual appetite by bedding Clever who ‘was ever admiring her body’.

“Ndaigodii kana ndimiwo, dare ndakariudza kuti murume wangu ave nemakore matatu asipo saka ndakazopedzera nyota pana sekuru hanzvadzi yavamwene wangu,” said Svodai.

“I was se_xually starved and he (uncle) kept on tempting me by ever commenting on my body and I ended up giving in. as we speak I am doing community service after the criminal court convicted me of killing the baby born from the affair. The court convicted me but honestly speaking Clever is the one who strangled the baby since we had agreed to hide the pregnancy. Clever will meet my husband when he comes over the illicit affair. I have decided not to continue with the affair following the incident. My husband is the one to blame for all this misery I am undergoing because he left me and Clever was supporting me financially from chikorokoza chaanoita. I am about to finish my community service but God knows the truth so does Clever,” said Svodai.

Clever denied ever bedding Svodai saying he is not prepared to pay the beasts as per court judgment.

“I appeared before chief Nemangwe and was ordered to pay two beasts for bedding a relative but I denied the allegations and will not pay the fine,” said Clever.

“I never killed the baby as what Svodai wants the village to believe and I never bedded her as alleged,” he added.

Chief Nemangwe fined Svodai a beast to be slaughtered for the community for a cleansing ceremony ahead of the rainy season and Clever Shamu, 42, was fined two beasts for bedding a relative. Clever denied the allegations threatening to defy the judgment made by the chief. Chief Nemangwe warned villagers to observe traditional rules and customs saying violating them would cause drought and bareness of animals.

“Svodai and Clever appeared before me on Sunday and they are to pay beasts for going against our traditional custom,” said Chief Nemangwe.

The community will gather on the day when we slaughter the beasts and they will eat it without salt as we teach them not to defile the land by engaging in ad_ultery and inc_estuous affairs,” he said.

Source-H Metro