Chireya women feasts on dead relative’s body parts

THERE was drama in Ndangara Village under Chief Chireya in Gokwe, Midlands province when two women allegedly connived to eat body parts they had harvested from a body of their male adult relative at a funeral wake.

The incident occurred last week when the two women whose names could not be immediately established were accused of removing eyes, cheeks and private parts from their deceased relative’s body. Chief Chireya confirmed the incident saying he has since summoned the duo to his traditional court to answer to the allegations.

“I can confirm that we have summoned two women from Ndangara Village to the traditional court after they were accused of harvesting body parts from their relative’s body before eating them.

“It is alleged that the two women were sleeping in the kitchen hut where the body of their deceased relative was kept awaiting burial.

“They ordered fellow relatives to switch off the lights. It is alleged that the two women then removed eyes, cheek and private parts from their relative’s body.

“The matter came to light the following day during body viewing when other relatives discovered that there were some body parts that were missing,” he said.

Chief Chireya said the two women were then implicated since they were the ones who slept in the kitchen hut with the body.

“When I asked the two women they both accused one another of eating the body parts. I have since hired a traditional healer to help the family know what transpired and who exactly is a culprit between the two women,” he said.

In a video seen by Sunday News the two women are seen accusing each other of having played a part in the heinous act.



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