Rev Chivaviro reaches out to the community

SOUTH Africa-based gospel musician Togarepi Chivaviro has returned home for a number of charity programmes that have seen him donating goods worth thousands of dollars to the under-privileged in urban and rural areas.

Dubbed Giving Back to the Community, the exercise is being funded by the musician’s legion of fans, who raised money to assist the needy including orphans and the elderly.

Chivaviro has so far donated stationery to a number of pupils in rural schools in Gokwe and Zhombe, while elderly people in Chitungwiza received clothes and blankets.

Primary schools that have also benefited from the programme include Dindimutihwi (Gokwe North), Gwehava (Gokwe South) and Broomsgroove (Zhombe).

“We gave stationery awards to best five performing learners in each class. We have also set ourselves to mobilise our fans and ministry members to pay third term fees for 21 grade toppers. We are just giving back to the societies that made us who we are today,” he said.

“On Sunday in Chitungwiza we donated winter clothes for the elderly after we sources more than a dozen bales of clothes and blankets.”


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