Sex for debt gets Mberengwa woman a hiding

A 50-year-old woman from Mberengwa got a beating of her life after she allegedly offered to pay a debt in kind.According to a source from the village, Mercy Mapedza owed 19-year-old Joel Mataga $60 and failed to pay the money in time and decided to settle the debt with what she has. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Mapedza took bags of fertiliser at Joel Mataga’s shop last season and failed to pay back as she kept on giving excuses until she resorted to offering to pay in kind which the young man refused.When Mataga realised that Mapedza was not going to give him his money in time he threatened to take her phone which was on the charger so that he could sell it and recover his money.Mapedza is said to have begged the young man not to take her phone and find other ways to pay the debt before suggesting to sleep with him up to an extent that he felt was equivalent to his money and always come whenever he felt the urge to engage in sex.Mataga felt insulted by the offer and decided to teach the old lady a lesson."We heard screams from Mapedza’s homestead and we decided to go and see what was happening and upon arrival we saw Mataga beating up Mapedza telling her that he wanted money not sex from a woman old enough to be his mother," said the source.When Mataga was contacted for comment he told B-Metro that it was true that Mapedza offered to pay in kind."She (Mapedza) owes me $60 for fertiliser; she called me and told me to come to her place to collect my money only to hear such disgusting words from her."Does she think I started my business by engaging in sex? I run a business, not a brothel or something close to that. I was embarrassed, a woman old enough to be my mother offering to sleep with me for $60 — that’s a sign of being disrespected at all levels," said Mataga.Mapedza, however, dismissed the claims of offering to pay Mataga with sex."I told him that I was facing some financial difficulties and I suggested having a settlement where we can decide other ways to pay the debt, not sex. He misinterpreted everything since he was already angry after I told him that I had no money," said Mapedza.

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