SDA building a specialist hospital in Gweru

GWERU – The Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) is building a $500 000 hospital in Gweru whose core mandate is to provide specialist service in the city.
The hospital whose construction started in February this year will provide services that address health issues to do with kidney, eye and other body parts, said the SDA Director of Health, Doctor Douglas Mutanga.
Completion of the hospital is expected in the next three months. However, it could have been completed earlier had it not been for the incessant rains.
He said the new project will plug the hole for such services where people had to go to Harare to get medical attention.
The SDA hospital is located behind Claybank Private Hospital just outside the Central Business District in Windsor Park.
"What we want to do with this hospital is to give complimentary health care services which are not found in Gweru. We did a marketing survey and found out that there are no specialists especially in areas like kidney and eye and patients are forced to travel to Harare or Bulawayo and our intention is to close this gap.
"The hospital will start with a compliment of five nurses and some specialist doctors.
"Right now l am working with the Provincial Medical Director and he is giving me an appreciation of what is really lacking in Gweru so that we close that gap," said Dr Mutanga
The hospital sits on an estimated 500 square meter piece of land.
SDA got the land from Gweru City Council to build the hospital 10 years ago and initially the church had just constructed a dental clinic which is currently closed for renovations.
"We got this land 10 years ago from Gweru City Council and initially the church constructed a dental clinic and Central Zimbabwe Conference Offices," said Dr Mutanga.
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