Court clears Pastor who promises to “climax” married woman sexually

057FOUNDER and leader of RMG End Time Message Pastor Robert Martin Gumbura, who was accused of offering sex lessons to a married female congregant and vowed to sexually satisfy her, has been acquitted.

Gumbura (57), a polygamist with nine wives, had denied criminal insult charges levelled against him when his trial opened before Harare magistrate Mr Musaione Shortgame.

Mr Shortgame cleared Pastor Gumbura of the charges at the close of the State’s case saying the evidence produced in court against the man of God was based on fabrications.

“The extent of the grudge between complainants and the accused, lies in the evidence adduced by the State to be manifestly unreliable that no reasonable court could safely act on it,” said Mr Shortgame.

“Even if the accused is put to his defence, the unreliability of this evidence will not be used.

“Accused would be burdened to explain his conduct which is premised on concoction, fabrications and lies.”

On that basis, the magistrate said there was no reason to place Pastor Gumbura on his defence.

Prosecutor Ms Molyn Mutamangira had alleged that on October 10 last year at around 5pm, Mrs Elizabeth Madzingira went to Pastor Gumbura’s residence to seek his assistance to secure a job for her husband.

It was alleged that Pastor Gumbura started proposing love to her and said he wanted to teach her how to make love until she climaxed, a feat he claimed her husband was incapable of.

It was further alleged that Pastor Gumbura told Mrs Madzingira that he would not offer jobs to men whose wives refused to be intimate with him.

Mrs Madzingira left Pastor Gumbura’s house and as she was leaving, he allegedly ordered her to keep their discussion under wraps, the court heard.

Mrs Madzingira narrated the ordeal to her husband before reporting the case to the police leading to Gumbura’s arrest.

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